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Manhattan Project Rebirth

So, it all started when I got a text from my mother:

And then I had an idea.

Head canon time. Steve Rogers gets the serum in 1943 and we know makes it to 1944. Sometime before the end of the war in 1946, his plane goes down. What we don’t know is everything Peggy does during the war, before and after Project Rebirth.

In my head, probably because of where I come from, I have always assumed she was at one point in time connected to the Manhattan Project. She has plenty of time while Steve is performing on stage, and even time after the war, as it was a remarkably late-war effort.

And if you don’t just know that the Strategic SCIENTIFIC Reserve had something to do with the building of the atom bomb, you’re nuts. The Manhattan Project actually had a HQ in Manhattan for a while, providing ample opportunity for cross pollination in personnel, but the place people associate with it is generally Los Alamos.

Fortunately, there are some places in Los Alamos that still exist from that time, and …

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